Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Evan's dance

These days Evan as been refusing to get dressed so here she is in her pajamas, dancing her new cute dance and showing off some tricks of how she can climb on the trailer!! Man I love that girl!!!

P.S. Your sound isn't turned off, there is no music. But the show must go on!!!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Ellie's Blessing

We had one speical weekend this week. It was Ellie's blessing. The week leading up to it was very busy and stessful. I worried way to much about things that don't really matter. But when the time came, it all went away. We had so many loved family and freinds here with us it was great!! The whole time I couldn't stop thinking how blessed I am. I have a wonderful husband that is willing to put up with me and my family when we get all crazy and loud. He is a wonderful partner for me in our journy through this life and a great father to our kids. It is so nice to know that our house is blessed with the priestood because of him. I also have 3 wonderful kids. They are so wonderful and teach me much more than I could ever teach them; all with their own sweet spirts that light up my life. My most recent blessing is to have this new little one with me. She is too young to know very much about her personality. Is she going to be shy and quite or loud and full of energy, I don't know yet. I do know that she is speical in my eyes and in Heavenly Fathers. I am looking foward to getting to know Ellie and all she will be teaching me.
Thank you to all those who came to support us!!! It was great. We love you all!!

Monday, March 1, 2010


Jed spilled something on the floor yesterday and instead of cleaning up he built a barricade so no one would step on it. Creative but not very helpful!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Ellie Jane Whitworth

It's the newest member of the Whitworth family!! We are proud to welcome Ellie Jane Whitworth into our family. She was born January 31 2010 at 8:54 in the morning. She was 8lb 9oz and 22 inches long. Ellie as lots of black hair and a cute little nose that looks just like both her brother and sisters. And we are so happy to have her in our family!!! And here are some pics!!!

Now for the labor story. If you are one who doesn't like these kind of thing you are welcome to enjoy the pics and stop reading. I just wanted to give those of you who are like my husband a heads up.

Anyway I felt my fist contraction at about 7:30 in the morning. It was what woke me up. At first I wasn't sure what it was. I thought maybe I had just slept funny. But Evan and Jed were just waking up too. So I got up and got breakfast started, not thinking much of it. About 10 min later I was pretty sure I was in labor and I woke up Sheldon so he could help the kid. I was starting to feel pain. Sheldon asked how much time we had and I said we had plenty. (the thing was I had been having contractions all week long and nothing came of it. So I wasn't quite sure if this was the real thing.) So Sheldon started the kids a bath. I changed my mind 10 min later. It was the real thing and we needed to head for the hospital. So then we debated over who to call. I had some friends all lined up waiting for the call, but it was early Sunday morning and they had kids of their own to get ready for church. Sheldon didn't want to add two more to their morning. So we ended up calling some other friends who didn't have any kids and thought they could get here faster. Well let me back up. Sheldon text some friend he thought could get here faster. But the texting took longer and they ended up talking anyways. So now we had someone heading over. (Now these friends of ours are really good friend and I love them dearly. But they took forever getting to our house. Now maybe it seem long because I was in labor but it was at least a half hour from the time we called to the time they got there.) While we were waiting Sheldon was running around trying to get the kids dressed and putting everything we need together. I was laying on our bed trying to get through the pain. And then my water broke!!! Everything went crazy, I changed my clothes (which was useless because with every contraction more came rushing out) and went down stairs to wait for someone to show up so we could go. The pain was getting pretty bad and I couldn't hold in my screams or at least noises in any longer. So I had Sheldon help me to the car and I sat out there and waited. (Then I could be as loud as I wanted and not scare the kids.) As I sat outside in the truck. Sheldon ran in to stay with the kids and was texting our friend seeing when they were going to arrive. He went back and forth a few time between us. And then finally we saw their car come around the corner. Sheldon jumped in the truck and we were backing our of the driveway before their car came to a stop. That morning was the first snow we had in a while and the roads were ice. Luckily because it was early Sunday morning there wasn't much traffic. Sheldon slide all over the roads. Every light we hit was red, we paused at one light and let a car go by but we didn't stop at any of them. But we made it to the hospital in one peace. Sheldon ran inside to get someone to come and help me. Some one came with a wheel chair and took me upstairs. ( which was a step up from last time, when I had Evan. They made me wake up stairs only five minute way from delivery). So I was in bed and they paged the doctor, I was to close to having this baby though and he didn't make it. But there was another doctor there checking on one of her patients, she hear my screaming and came to look to see what was going on. She ended up delivering Ellie. (She retired from labor and delivery about a year and half ago and now just does pediatric care.) I was grateful she was there because Ellie has the cord wrapped around her neck and it was nice to have a doctor who new what to do. ( With Evan, she just kinda ploped out and there was no doctor. Just a nurse with one glove on who clams she caught her. I think she just landed on the bed though). So Ellie was here and just fine, but my doctor still wasn't. In fact he didn't get the first page and didn't know I was at the hospital until 20 min after Ellie was born. Finally, an hour after all this was over the doctor came, stitched me up and I got to hold my baby!!

Time line
7:30- first contraction
8:05- call friends
8:20- water breaks
8:30- friends arrive leave for hospital
8:40- arrive at hospital
8:54- Ellie's born
9:45- Doctor makes it to hospital!
It was one crazy morning!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Just for you Grandpa!!!!

So for Christmas this year my parents gave us a little camcorder. Then the other day my dad called to ask and see if it was working. I told him was working great; he then asked why he hadn't seen any new pic of his grand kids. So this is for him!!! Love you dad!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


It is hard to believe Christmas has come and left already!!! The season seemed to fly by so quickly this year. But then it seems to do that every year!!! This year we had the chance to stay home, it was so nice to hang out with just us in our house!!! It was a great Christmas. Jed was up at about 7, which was nice we didn't have to get up too early. He got dressed and went to see what Santa had brought him before he came and woke the rest of us up. When he was sure Santa had been there he ran to wake up his sister and the rest of us. I don't think Evan really knew what was going on or why her brother was so excited but she feed on his energy and was in our room trying to get Sheldon and me out of bed with him. I think when we finally all went down stair and she saw all the presents she at least understood that she was going to get some more toys!!

It was a very fun morning getting to watch the kids go crazy and opening everything in sight. Jed did a great job reading all the names and passing out the all the gifts. We also had the fun of having Sheldon's mom and step dad with us that morning. They didn't get to stay very long but it was fun to laugh and spend the morning together.

After all the presents were opened the kids had a few hours of just sitting back and playing with their new things. Jedi received an invention kit and made a motor thing with his dad, it turned out pretty cool. He also spent all morning listing to the music he down loaded on his MP3 player. In fact he listened to it so much that by the end of the day he had sores in his ears. Evan spent hours with her potato head toys. And love showing off all the new face and funny thing she could do with them. They also received the game Break the Ice from my sister and we played that game for a least an hour and a half, which is a lot considering it takes a whole 3 min to play one game. It was a fun morning.

Then when we were all ready we went down to Pocy to spend some time with some more of Sheldon's family. It was really nice to see all of his family. We had a fun gift exchange and got to give Sheldon's sister and brother-in-law their gift. That was really fun watching their reaction. The family went in on some Garth Brooks tickets. And for those of you who don't know this couple they are huge fans!!! I will have to post more about that when I get some more pics from Tacia. I didn't seem to take very many, but she documented every movement.
Well that was our Christmas, it was so much fun the only thing I wish is that I could have had a chance to see all of our family and friend. Hopefully having you all read this and getting to see all of your post it will seem like we were all together anyways. You were all in my heart and mind all day!!!! Love you all!!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas program

Jed had his first Christmas program today!!! He did so well and it was so cute. The title was the ABC's of Christmas. Each child had a line that went with a letter of the alphabet and Christmas. Jed had his memorized the first day he brought home his paper, telling about the play. His letter was "J". They also sung a ton of Christmas songs and recited some poems.
The question I had to ask myself was when did Jed get that old? I sat and watched him sing and all I could think was he can't be old enough for all of this. It was just last year he had his first Christmas wasn't it? Everyday he surprises me with how much he is growing. I love that kid!!!!

Sorry about the sound, the camera didn't pick it up for some reason. His line was J is for Jingle Bells all shiny and bright. We are getting them ready for a sleigh ride tonight.